How To Be Happy

In order to be happy, you need to live in line with your heart. This is my conclusion after having spent 20 years and a ton of money on personal and spiritual development. Which was worth gold by the way!

The best advice I ever received is “Follow you Joy!”, which means follow your passions, follow your heart. The things you love and that give you joy are to be found in your heart, not in your head. You heart holds the key.

When you follow your heart, you will live an authentic life.
When you live from your head and think about what you should be doing, what others expect of you, what is considered ‘normal’, you will loose the connection with your heart and real self.

When you do not follow your heart, you will discover that you move towards misery and suffering. There is no fulfillment to be found. Notice if you are unhappy: Am I living in line with my heart, with my deepest desires?

Maybe you feel unworthy about following your own heart, we are often conditioned to feel guilty when we choose to do what we love. Please remember it is your birthright to be happy.
I love what Janet Attwood says in her book The Passion Test: “What you love and God’s will for you are one and the same!” I know this to be true because it is my experience that whenever I choose to follow my heart and joy, the universe supports me in ways I never expected, again and again without fail.

When you follow your heart you spread love and light to others. You give other people permission to do the same. What you love is closely connected to your gifts and talents. You are meant to share these gifts to the world. In following your joy, you give joy to others. People love to be around you. When you live your authentic self according to your deepest yearnings, you will be filled with love. You will be loving to others and inspire them.

Another reason why living in line with your heart is important to your happiness is because all the qualities of your heart are coming from the source of love. And whenever you choose for love or any of the qualities of your heart, you will attract positive situations to you.

The opposite is true when we choose from our Ego. Our ego comes from the source of fear. Whenever you choose to act from fear, you will attract negative situations to you.
I know all about it, I am not perfect. It is my experience that if I react from fear or anger (ego-qualities) shit will hit the fan. The moment I realize this, I can choose again. How wonderful!
When you choose love or any other qualities of the heart like surrender, focus on gratitude or acceptance… then magical solutions appear.

Become aware of how that works in your life: Have you noticed that you never really get what you want when you react from your ego? Have you noticed how every time you act from your heart, you receive what you want and maybe even more than you expected?
Once you have experienced how living in line with your heart creates happiness in your life, it will become easier to follow your heart.

Remember: You choose!