Living Life Without A Compass

We all need a sense of purpose or direction in order to give meaning to our lives. Otherwise we live aimless, drifting like a boat on the sea with the wind blowing us in all different directions and we eventually may even hit the cliffs and end up shipwrecked.

When we have no clear direction, we get easily distracted and influenced by other people. The risk of that is that you may live a life that is not reflecting who you are. Also, not having a purpose can make you feel depressed and dull inside. And the lack of direction can cause your mind to wander, making you feel restless.

Deep inside we know our life’s purpose.  However, connecting to this message of your soul is a process that could take some time. It requires you to go deep inside your heart and listen to the message without letting the limiting monkey mind interfere. This is why professional help from a certified passion test facilitator can be of great value.

Even though we might not know what our life purpose is, your passions are like breadcrumbs that lead you in the right direction. Therefore knowing your passions will serve as a compass. In following your heart you will find this deeper sense of fulfillment. It is not only the destination but the road towards it that will bring you joy.

Discover your passions and give direction to your life NOW.