The Importance Of Passion

Passion is incredibly important. The deep longing, the desire that springs from the heart of each person gives drive, motivation. When you follow your passions you will experience joy and fulfillment. Each person has unique talents and gifts to offer to the world. When you deviate from the path of your passions, you will likely become unhappy. Thank goodness that everybody’s passions are so unique and different. There is room for everyone to live the life they want.

The most important reason why people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want. If you are not clear about what you want, you are easily distracted and your energy will go in all different directions. No clarity, no focused attention. Vague intentions will produce vague results.

Many people don’t take the time to find out what it is they really want. It is easier to make a shopping list than honestly look at your life and find in your heart your deepest desires. It feels safer to stay in the life that is familiar to us, even though it is not making us truly happy.

Knowing your passions will make you want to live them, this might require you to leave your comfort zone. Your brain isn’t keen on changes either, it often requires the making of new neural pathways, and therefore a natural resistance to change is natural. If you want to settle for a life of mediocrity, that’s your choice. However, if you are ready to co-create the life you want, you better find out what truly gives you joy.

Interviews with successful people in the US show that they all have one thing in common: They are all living their top five passions. Are you living yours?

The Passion Test will help you discover your top five passions. This means these are the five things that you feel are most important to you. They can be covering all different areas in your life. From a list of 10 of your passions you will follow a system created by Janet Attwood, that will make you choose your top 5 passions from your heart. Further, you will learn about important principles and a secret formula that will guarantee you can live a passionate life. Learn more about The Passion Test here.

Very often people say they already know what they want, but often we find that when doing the passion test they surprise themselves with a different outcome.  Because you are being guided to make choices based from your heart you sink deeper and deeper and find the answers that bypass the limited mind and access the deeper truth of your heart.  Systematically following the system will not allow you to take short cuts or skipping by saying you know it all. Also your passions can change over time, depending on what life brings on your way. So it is wise to take the Passion Test about every 6 months. Once you are familiar with the process you can do it yourself at any given time. However, being guided -at least once- by a certified facilitator is recommendable since your ego might trick you and get you to answer from your head rather than your heart. The homework exercises will help you to become even more clear and specific. Remember, clarity is power.